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Are You Thinking About Adoption But Worry What Other People Will Say? 3 Ways To Feel Confident About Your Decision

by Connie Mitchell

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can leave you experiencing a flood of new fears that may be mixed with excitement. There are lots of questions that people face during this time, and one of them that you might be thinking about is how people will respond to your decision to explore adoption. You may know in your heart that adoption is the best choice for your situation, but you might also know that there may be people who feel the need to share their opinion. 

Going through pregnancy often puts you in the spotlight, and people may naturally have questions about your decision when you run into them at work, school, or even the grocery store. Now that you know what you plan to do, you can use these tips to feel strong as you talk to others about your decision.

Identify Supportive People In Your Life

The first thing you need to remember is that this is your decision to make, and you should expect that the people who care will offer you support. Try to think of several people that you can turn to for support when you need a confidence boost. For instance, your parents might be supportive of your decision to place your baby for adoption. You can also lean on the adoption specialist that you talk to when you seek unplanned pregnancy resources. These specialists understand what it is like to be pregnant and have to explain your decision to people. They can even help you come up with ways to politely let people know if you don't want to have that conversation, or they can give you positive things to say to help people understand your decision better.

Remember Your Reasons

Your adoption specialist can help you role-play what you need to say to other people. During these practice scenarios, you can list the reasons why you chose adoption. For instance, you might want to share with someone your goals for the future, or you could explain how you've decided to either have a closed or open adoption to give your baby the best chances in life. Remembering your reasons helps to reinforce your decision in your mind so that you'll come across as confident when you choose to discuss adoption with other people.

Put Together a Defined Plan

You will also feel better talking about your decision when you have every detail mapped out. Unplanned pregnancy adoption resources can connect you with a specialist who can help you develop a complete plan. Your plan may include helping to pick out your baby's adoptive family, and it can outline things such as whether or not you will have contact with your baby. Knowing how your adoption process will work gives you facts that you can share when your friends or family have questions.

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